Rodney Samuels Consulting: The State of the Market

Posted by on 04-14-19 in Uncategorized

Can you hear the bells toll, no well neither can I as the property market clearly isn’t dead yet.

A clearance rate of 58% was achieved on the weekend and yes that means some things did pass in but we did see some great results and some of the properties that were sold early went for huge numbers.

At the moment the market isn’t perfect and isn’t without flaw but it still very good and the key is to strike while others aren’t.
What I am seeing out there at the moment is the smart money buying in while others wait on the election result and have spent to long listening to the media.

If you are looking to buy the biggest issue, I face with my clients is the lack of good quality stock, with a reduction in properties available over the past 10 years this was bound to happen.

The key is to remember not all property is equal.

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