Rodney Samuels Consulting: The State of the Market

With the auction market some what up and running again it was fantastic to see some return to form.

With less than 300 auctions run on the weekend it is hard to gain any real sense of a return to form but we still saw an 83% clearance rate achieved.

What I have noticed though is solid buyer interest across a lot of different price points and area’s.

Although in saying that certain sectors have been hit very hard and thus not all news is sunshine and rainbows with the new apartment market and house and land packages probably taking the biggest hit in the CBD and the far outer suburbs.

Why does this occur?

Well sadly it was the people that are most likely to buy or rent these style of properties that have been hardest hit by Covid, with the retail and hospitality industries still locked down it could be some time before we see confidence return to those markets.

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