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Too many vendors commit to selling property before considering all their options and sell for the wrong reasons. When they do sell often they fail to achieve the maximum sale price, and/or pay the selling agent more than necessary.

Rodney Samuels Consulting is a specialist property advisory company – but we do not sell property. This means we are in a perfect position to be an independent third party to advise you and oversee your sale process.

What is a buyers advocate?Open

As a Buyer you are independently represented to ensure you obtain the right property at the right price!

How are you different from normal real estate agents? Open

We differ from real estate agents by the fact that as Buyers Advocates we do not sell property or act in the vendors interest but we search, act and buy property on behalf of the purchaser.

How are you qualified?Open

Yes, I am a Licensed Estate Agent through the REIV as well as a qualified Accountant .

How are you independent?Open

As we act for the purchaser only, we do not sell property or take commissions on behalf of vendors, property developers or real estate agents.

I’m looking to sell my property, can you find buyers for me?Open

Yes but what we can do is help organise the sale process for you and assist in picking the best agent for your property. There is no direct cost to our clients for this service. Please contact us  to find out more.

What areas do you operate in? Open

We search and acquire property in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Do you assist up to settlement? Open

Yes. Not only do we assist up until settlement we are there to advise you with any questions you may have while you own the property.

Are your fees negotiable?Open

Yes. I would be happy to discuss any of our fees during a meeting.

Can you project manage the whole purchase process?Open

Yes.  We project manage the whole purchase process from beginning to end.

Can you purchase on our behalf?Open

Yes.  We can organise and assist with every step of the purchasing process.

What is the maximum cost if you don’t find a property?Open

If we are unsuccessful in finding the property you want, all you will be up for is the registration fee of $935.

What’s the average time to buy a property?Open

The average time to buy a property varies, depending on the specific nature of the request and the amount of supply in the market place.

Is it really possible to buy off market property?Open

Yes. Often we are approached by private vendors and real estate agents who have clients that are looking to sell quickly but have reasons for not putting their property officially on the market place.

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