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Auction Bidding
Use our Experience

The best way to put yourself in the box seat

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned purchaser, bidding at auction can be a confusing and confronting experience. The goal of this service is to let our clients who have found the property they would like to purchase get the experts in to secure the property.

The Auction Bidding & Negotiation Service is here to take the guess work and the pressure out of Auctions and Negotiations.

The Auction Bid Only service is suitable for those who have selected a property and conducted their own due diligence, but either wishes to remain anonymous when it comes to bidding for the property, or want to engage specific bidding expertise to give them a competitive edge on the day.

First, Rodney Samuels Consulting meets with the client before the auction to discuss auction tactics and a bidding limit.

Second, A Rodney Samuels Consulting expert can go out and independently asses the properties Technical value — how much the property is worth in the context of the current market. We determine this by evaluating recent sales results for properties of similar size and style in the local area. We also look at the supply of land and property styles, and compare this with demand as determined by demographic trends, location, floor-plan and streetscape.

Third, An experienced Rodney Samuels Consulting negotiator will then bid on the client’s behalf to secure the property and help with signing the contract.

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