Rodney Samuels Consulting: The State of the Market

With the fear mongering at an all time high due to Corona Virus I have noticed some people almost cheering for a collapse of the property market.

A clearance rate of 72% was achieved on the weekend. Which is still a very good rate as anything about 70% is considered a growing market.

As time wears on I do foresee the Corona Virus making some waves and issues in the market but I believe it will be mainly due to people just doing nothing and not a complete collapse. I believe we will see stock levels get lower and the market will hold as the worst case scenario.

I for one don’t predict a complete collapse as;
A) there are still a lot of pent up buyers in the market and
B) worst case we can move to online auctions and private sales via email.

People seem to forget a lot of people can and do work from home.

Remember the media aren’t there to report how this affects you they are there to sell newspaper’s.

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