Rodney Samuels Consulting: The State of the Market

I keep hearing from some experts and people in the street that once there is more stock in the property market the clearance rate will drop and prices will start to fall.

Well on the weekend we had over 1000 auctions run with over 1500 scheduled but obviously some sold early and we still achieved a 76% clearance rate.

As the year rolls on and we are now well into the Spring property market we are seeing the increase in stock levels that we thought we would but we are also seeing more and more people come back into the market to buy as they see properties they want.

I don’t believe we are in for a boom like some are now reporting after reporting we were heading for a down turn for the last 3 years but I think we have positives signs.

There is confidence in the market whilst there is some uncertainty in other areas of the economy and whilst people are a little nervous and money is cheap, we should continue to see people moving back into the bricks and mortar market.

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